Every Bastard Says No: The 42 Below Story - Justine Troy with Geoff Ross

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Everything about 42 Below vodka was audacious, from the very notion of making high-end vodka down under to its maverick advertising campaigns and the fact that it would go on to become the most awarded vodka in the world. 

Justine Troy and Geoff Ross had an idea that they took from a dream to a business in the world's most competitive cities. They built it on blood, sweat, tears, and hi-jinks. They believed most marketing was crap, but they found a way that works. The story of their struggle to build a global brand while every bastard said no is an inspirational and important read. As they ask, if the New Zealand economy needs more growth companies, why the hell is raising capital and getting government backing so damned hard? 

This book is hard to find. This is the 2011 second edition. 

Random House, 2011.

Condition: secondhand paperback in good condition. Some wear to edges.