Fiordland Muster - Rupert Sharpe

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In the far south west of New Zealand lies one of the most beautiful and remote areas of the world - a land of steep, snowclad mountains, of treacherous rivers, of a thick forest that has not yet yielded all its secrets. No roads run there. It is known as Fiordland, for the sea bites deep into its craggy coast. It was in the valleys of Fiordland that David Gunn, a legend in his own lifetime, ran his herds of Hereford cattle. For most of the year they grazed unmolested, for they had no natural enemies and there was no way out. Then came the time for muster, when surplus stock were brought out of the wilderness to the open country a hundred miles away through the mountains. 

Rupert Sharpe was fortunate enough to join with Gunn in one of these musters. His lively story gives a fascinating glimpse of a way of life that had no parallel anywhere else in the modern world.

Hodder and Stoughton 1966. 130 pages.

Condition: used hardback with protective cover over dust jacket. Both in very good condition.