Lucy Bee and the Secret Gene - Anne Ingram

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Who is Lucy Bee? She always thought she was Lucy Bennett.

Suddenly everything about her world starts changing. Bits of it, important bits, keep flying apart. Are her parents really her parents? Does she really belong to the Bennett family? She has to find out. She decides to track her genes.

Lucy Bee is bullied at school because of her frizzy hair. Realising that her parents don’t have hair like hers – in fact they don’t really look much like her at all, she believes she must be adopted. Or could she have been swapped at birth?  How can she find out?

With her best friend, Megan’s help, she goes on a gene hunt, tracing the path of her genes through her family. Will this provide the answer?

Published in 2014 by White Gull Press.

Condition: new. Paperback.