The Canoes of Kupe: A history of the Martinborough district - Roberta McIntyre

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Winner of the J.M. Sherrard Award for excellence in NZ local and regional history. Nominated for the 2003 Montana New Zealand Book Awards

The Canoes of Kupe is a comprehensive account of the history of the Martinborough district from the beginnings of settlement by Maori through to the booming present-day wine industry.

This book is based on extensive research in private and public archives, as well as in the secondary literature, and also makes use of oral history interviews. Primarily a narrative history which makes excellent use of illustrative individuals and families, industries and events, it is also of wider than local significance, setting the story of Martinborough within national, and at times international, social and economic contexts.

Beautifully designed and copiously illustrated, this book is a treasure for residents and visitors alike.

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