The Economic Possibilities of Decolonisation - Matthew Scobie & Anna Sturman

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‘The future of Aotearoa depends on how Māori engage with capitalism.’
What do the economics of decolonisation mean for the future of Aotearoa? This question drives the work of Matthew Scobie and Anna Sturman as they explore the complex relationship between tangata whenua and capitalism. By weaving together historical insights and contemporary analysis, this Text reveals the enduring influence of Māori economies and illuminates how these perspectives could radically transform Aotearoa’s political economy for the better.
Matthew Scobie, of Kāi Tahu (Kāti Huirapa) and Tauiwi descent, teaches Indigenous economics and corporate responsibility at the University of Canterbury. Anna Sturman is a Pākehā lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Sydney. Her work centres on climate change’s political economy and ecology.

BWB Texts #106, 2024

Condition: new, paperback.