The Glory of Gardens: 2000 Years of Writings On Garden Design - Scott J. Tilden

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Sweeping in scope and stunning in execution, The Glory of Gardens collects the writings of more than 100 contemporary and ancient garden designers, landscape architects, poets, philosophers, statesmen, and scientists in a compendium that covers two thousand years of gardening traditions.

Organized by topics such as "Principles," "Color," "Unity and Variety," "Plant Selection," and "Structure," this is the only book available in English that explores gardening customs from around the globe, including those of Western, Islamic, Japanese, and Chinese civilizations.

Accompanying the essays are dazzling photographs of some of the world's most breathtaking gardens-several designed by the book's contributors.

Brief quotations from writers and thinkers complement the text, making The Glory of Gardens an invaluable volume-and a perfect gift-for gardeners, architects, scholars, and cultural historians alike.

Published in 2006 by Abrams. 

Condition: excellent. Hardback.