The Natural Health Cookbook - Dorothy Hall & Carol Odell

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Dorothy Hall was Australia's leading naturopath and herbalist. The Natural Health Cookbook, written in association with food and cookery writer Carol Odell, was produced in direct response to requests from Dorothy's many readers for a companion to her bestselling The Natural Health Book

This thoroughly updated edition offers lots of new recipes for healthy food to suit the individual nutritional needs of every member of your household. It includes: 

  • information about how each vitamin and mineral works and how it supports particular body processes
  • 'person profiles' that will help you recognise the different 'types' in your household and enable you to meet their individual food requirements 
  • hundreds of delicious recipes tailored for peak nutrition
  • a fresh layout with nutritional tips on every page

With The Natural Health Cookbook, as Dorothy Hall suggests, 'Have fun! Make mealtimes the happy get-togethers they used to be before the term "food supplement" was invented.' This is not just another health-food cookbook, but a nutrition book with recipes - food for today!

Condition: good. Paperback.