Weather Permitting: An Autobiography - Heather Heberley

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Young Heather Heberley, coming as a bride from Auckland to a remote bay in the Marlborough Sounds, did not realize how much the words weather permitting were to rule her life. Sea tragedies, the sinking of the Mikhail Lermontov, her husband Joe's role in search and rescues - all these are detailed alongside the often funny, sometimes tragic aspects of the Heberley's farming and fishing life.

Heather Heberley's unassuming but robust story shows how she grows into a mother, mechanic, plumber, teacher, farmer, nurse, wool-classer and licensed skipper.

More than a million people each year pass the South Island's isolated 'first house on the right' on Arapawa Island, just inside the Tory Channel. Heather's marriage into the well-known Heberley clan and her arrival, in 1963, at their bay have given her the fascinating and formative experiences that make up this compelling autobiography.

Published in 1998 by Cape Catley Ltd.

Condition: very good. Paperback.